Errata and Contributions

Reporting Errors and Typos

This site has a large amount of technical content. Even with my extensive experience with IPv6 and cryptography, I might have gotten something wrong, or simply made a typographical error.

If you happen to run across something you consider an error, please contact me. If it is a technical issue, I will verify your claim against a working system, the RFCs and/or other experts. If you are correct I will update the website. I will also (if you are the first to submit a particular correction) add your name or tag to my list of proofreaders below, including the number of valid corrections you have submitted. Please include name or tag you would like to have listed, along with the correction. If you don't want any attribution, just say so. If it is a valid correction, I will notify you by return e-mail. I can't guarantee to reply to every email, for example the 32nd email reporting a typo that has already been found by someone else. I will come up with some reward for those finding 10 or more errors or typos. This isn't Wikipedia, so I won't let you update content directly!

However, this is not (yet) a published book, it is a live website. Therefore I can fix errata in real time, as discovered. The website content will be kept up to date. This is one reason I don't allow you to use my content in your own work, but do allow you to link to my website. Likewise any free applications will have later versions released with bug fixes, etc. I don't want a lot of old versions being distributed. Please have students download it from this website.

This will benefit the community at large by keeping this content accurate.

For now, please report any errors or typos found via email addressed to errata at sixscape dot com. I will not use your email for anything other than possibly to reply to you personally.


Contributions and Requests for Bids on New Content

If you would like to contribute an entire relevant article, on something I haven't already covered, please submit it (or a proposal) to me for review. If it is useful and accurate, I will add it, and give you attribution. You must certify this to be your own work, free and clear of any claims, and assign all Intellectual Property rights to Sixscape. Do not submit other people's work. If you are not willing to assign IP rights, it is not difficult to create your own website - feel free to. If you do, and the content is useful enough I might even add a link to your website. Feel free to suggest offsite links.

Unsolicited contributions will be not be compensated. I will post Requests for Bids on certain topics, for compensation. If you would like to propose such an article, feel free to contact me (before writing it). If I feel it would add real value, we can negotiate compensation. See examples below. If you are willing to assign IP rights to Sixscape, you can base your contribution on some of my existing content. All compensated content becomes exclusive property of Sixscape, although I will still include attribution (if I make substantial modifications or extensions, jointly with my name).

There will be a list of contributors, and some way for people to get in touch (that hopefully will not lead to you getting spammed).


Requests for Bids

Submit your bid in US$ or HK$, along with timeline and sample similar work you have done (links to online work are fine). Payment will be made on acceptance of the completed work and assignment of all IP rights (including attestation of current ownership of the IP) - I will supply the forms. If you use my content as a starting point, you may not release the work anywhere else, without explicit written permission. I have included suggested compensation, but feel free to bid higher.


RFB 20130803-A: Linux Mint versions of FreeBSD Projects

I am looking for adaptations of my projects involving FreeBSD, for Linux Mint. You can use the FreeBSD project as a starting point (please ask for the Windows Word file of the project involved). It is acceptable to propose one or more of the projects - you don't have to convert all of them. Suggested compensation US$50 per project.


RFB 20130803-B: Writeup on IPv4 & IPv6 Multicast Routing Protocols

I am looking for detailed articles covering the relevant standards and operational practice for multicast beyond the local link, both both IPv4 and IPv6. This should be one article on IPv4 and another on IPv6. Suggested compensation US$100 per article.