IPv6 Training & Certification

There are several sources of certification in IPv6.

The primary official certification for IPv6 is overseen by the worldwide IPv6 Forum. There are chapters of this organization in almost all countries, with links to them on the worldwide site. The training on this website is based on the official curriculum, and will prepare you to take and pass the official certification exams, offered by various training organizations.

Currently, only the introductory course and exam (IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Silver) is covered on this website. We will be adding coverage of the three other courses over time. The complete list of IPv6 Forum certifications follow. These are taken from the IPv6 Forum Education Logo Program v6.6.

If your needs are more for the information than the official certification, you can simply study the content on this website, and various books and websites on the subject. If you can't afford the instructor led classes (which usually involve travel), or simply prefer self-directed study, you can obtain official IPv6 Forum Certification here.

There is also an informal certification program offered by Hurricane Electric, which is online and completely self-directed.