Hurricane Electric Free Certification

Hurricane Electric has been a major supporter and early adopter of IPv6 for many years. They provide free tunnled service (from many PoPs around the world), dual stack co-location facilities, transit services, and other IPv6 related items. They have the best connectivity to other IPv6 transit providers.

We have been using their co-location facility for many years. We highly recommend them.

One of the ways Hurricane Electric supports IPv6 is with a free certification program. It doesn't carry the same "weight" with employers as the official IPv6 Forum training. Nobody presents this training in a formal context - you are on your own. But hey, the price is right! It is well worth the effort, and a lot of fun. There are a number of levels you can attain, with harder questions and projects at each higher level. You will learn a lot going through this program. Here is a copy of my Sage level certificate:

HE Sage

Go here to begin your HE certification.