IPv6 Forum Official Training & Certification

The IPv6 Forum has specified official course outlines, and certifies courses and trainers in several IPv6 related competencies.

In order to become officially certified in this program, you can attend a training class led by an IPv6 Forum certified trainer, and pass an exam. Here are some links to organizations that offer this training:

CNE6 Certification (IMS Asia, Sdn. Bhd.), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Global Knowledge (Singapore)

Guidance View Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

IPv6 Market Place (several sites in Singapore)

NAV6, Penang Malaysia (affiliated with the Universiti Sains Malaysia)

Nephos6 (U.S.A.)

Sixmatrix, India

If you would like your training center added to this list, please contact me.

For those of you who prefer self-directed study there is a new option for obtaining IPv6 Forum certification.