IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Gold

The IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Gold course is a follow-on to the Network Engineer Silver course.


The training on this website has been certified by the IPv6 Forum to contain accurate and up-to-date information that help you to pass the Network Engineer Gold Certification Exam. This certification was issued on 31 August 2013 and can be verified here. The technical content of this course is comparable to the Cisco CCNP or CCIE certifications. It is suitable for a senior network engineer.



You will learn to plan and implement advanced networks that include IPv6 in a multi-vendor, commercial environment. The following topics are covered:

  • Generate and analyse IPv6 packets in a network.
  • Plan and manage the migration of your network to IPv6.
  • Deploy and configure new networking software and devices to support IPv6.
  • Deploy and configure associated network services such as DNS, DHCPv6 and routing protocols.
  • Update and configure common networking applications such as email and Web servers.
  • Deploy and configure routers and firewalls



A good knowledge of general networking concepts is assumed. IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Silver or similar is necessary to pursue this training program.