Network Engineer Silver - Course Outline

The IPv6 Forum estimates that there are 20 million network engineers in the world who need to learn IPv6. They created course outlines for several courses to help engineers learn this critical new technology. The course outline below is the first of those courses, the IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Silver.

The training on this website has been certified by the IPv6 Forum to contain accurate and up-to-date information that will allow you to pass the Network Engineer Silver Certification Exam. This certification was issued by the IPv6 Forum on 31 August 2013. and can be verified here. The technical level of the material in this course is comparable to the Cisco CCNA certification. It is suitable for entry level network technicians. This course is the pre-requisite for IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Gold, IPv6 Forum Network Security Engineer and IPv6 Forum Network Programmer courses.


Network Engineer Silver

Course Outline

E. Case Study: an IPv6 Addressing Scheme