IPv6 Forum Network Programmer

A good knowledge of general networking concepts is imperative. IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Silver is a pre-requsite, and Network Engineer Gold would be helpful. In addition, experience in IPv4 network programming using sockets is strongly recommended.

It is possible to do network software development in almost any programming language. We cannot cover every possible language and operating system, but once you understand it for one language, the concepts are similar in most procedural languages. The code in this course will be written in C on FreeBSD, and in C#.Net on Windows (due to the popularity of this language, the ease of creating GUI applications quickly, and the availability of free development tools).

There are two standard APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for creating network applications with IPv6: the Basic API and the Advanced API. Both are based on the widely known and used Berkeley Sockets API from BSD Unix. Microsoft has created some proprietary APIs on top of the standard IPv6 APIs, but the functionality is similar. We will try to use the most standard APIs we can, so that the knowledge gained will be applicable to many plaforms and languages.