Nephos6 Online IPv6 Forum Certification

If you can't afford the cost or time for instructor led training, training it isn't available near you, you are already proficient in IPv6, or you simply prefer self-directed study, there is a new option available from Nephos6, one of the leading IPv6 training organizations in the U.S. They have trained and certified many IPv6 engineers in major corporations and the U.S. government.

For many years, if you were already proficient in Microsoft or Cisco technologies, you could just take the exams and be done with it (I got 12 Microsoft certifications that way years ago). If you needed the instructor led training classes, they were available. Until Nephos6 put these exams online (and got them certified by the IPv6 Forum) there was no way to become certified by just taking an exam. Now there is. The Sixscape website provides all of the information needed to pass these exams. So now you can study this material online (and even do labs on your own), for free, at your own rate, then take the exam online (at a very reasonable cost). This should greatly increase the number of IPv6 Forum certified engineers (something we urgently need).

You can go here and sign up for an account at Nephos6. All of the information you need to pass this exam is on the Sixscape website somewhere, but it will take you some time to master it.

Currently only the IPv6 Forum Network Engineer Silver exam is available online via this link. The cost is US$100, which can be paid via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, it is simple to create one, or you can use various credit cards via PayPal.

A score of 70% is passing. There is no penalty for guessing (you just get zero points for a wrong answer), so don't leave any question unanswered. As a guide to what topics to study, when I took the exam, the following subject areas were covered:

Section / Subject Area                         Question Count   Points Available

Silver - IPv6 Introduction                           4                 7
Silver - IPv6 Address Architecture                   5                10
Silver - IPv6 Packet Structures                      4                 8
Silver - Extension Headers                           3                 6
Silver - ICMPv6                                      3                 6
Silver - ND/SLAAC                                    4                 8
Silver - DHCPv6                                      4                 8
Silver - DNS                                         3                 6
Silver - Default Source Address Selection            2                 4
Silver - Dual Stack                                  2                 4
Silver - Manual Tunnel                               2                 4
Silver - 6to4 Tunnel                                 3                 6
Silver - ISATAP                                      3                 6
Silver - Security                                    3                 6
Silver - SNMP                                        2                 4
Silver - Applications                                3                 6
                                                   ---               ---
                                                    50                99

There is a large pool of questions from which each test is drawn. Your distribution of questions may vary from mine. There will be 50 questions, and you have one hour to complete the exam. You cannot pause it and resume later, so be sure you have sufficient time to complete the entire exam. Any questions not answered at the end of the hour are counted as wrong. If you don't pass on the first try, you have a second try for free. Further tries will require additional payment. Your score (including how many points you got in each section) will be displayed immediately upon completion of the exam.

Upon passing this online exam, you will obtain the same IPv6 Forum certification that you would have earned in an instructor led class. You will even be able to download and print your own Official IPv6 Forum Certificate. Your name will automatically be added to the list of certified engineers at the IPv6 Forum education site. If you take this exam based on study of the material on this site, drop me a line and let me know your score, and what areas you had problems with, so I can beef up those areas. Send to lhughes at sixscape dot com.

By the way, there is no age limit on who can become an IPv6 certified engineer! My daughter, when she was 16, became the youngest certified IPv6 engineer ever. That recently helped her get into a prestigious university in Hong Kong. About half of the interview concerned her certification - they couldn't believe an entering freshman was already certified. If you are a talented high school student, and want to increase your chances of getting into a great university, go for it! Or if you are a college student, and your college is not yet teaching IPv6, obtaining this certification will help you get a job on graduation (IPv6 engineers are in high demand right now). Everything you need is right here. My son is studying the information on this site now, and will try to beat his sister by passing the exam while still 15. Any high school (or even college) kids that pass it, drop me a line.

I passed on the first try with 93.9% - see if you can beat me!

Here is a copy of the certificate I earned when I passed (suitable for framing).

CNE6 Silver cert