This section contains commercial products sold by Sixscape Communications. Some of them are native GUI apps for various platforms. Some of them are network appliances sold in "softpliance" form.

To purchase a softpliance, you download the ISO image from this website and install it on your own virtual or physical machine. We have provided information on requirements for the hardware platforms (and links to some vendors of network appliance boxes that are well suited to this kind of deployment). Most of the softpliances require a downloaded license file to run. You can request a free 30 day evaluation license, or buy a commercial license on this site (which will be emailed to you). In some cases, licenses may be sold based on number of nodes managed, etc. A license file is a digitally signed XML file that must be present (with a valid digital signature) before the appliance will run.

Sixscape does not provide open source products on this site for download - we provide web links to the original source of the software (e.g. at SourceForge), from which you can download the software. We also do not provide any support or warranties for open source software - there are forums available for most open source products.