This section contains a number of Do-It-Yourself projects that will help you to deploy and master IPv6, network management, cryptographic applications and PKI.

A lot of the  network projects have been moved to here, as a structured part of the IPv6 Forum training. They involve building a complete dual stack testbed network, from a firewall, to a reundundant pair of Microsoft Windows Servers running DNS, DHCP and IIS, to several client nodes (Windows 7, FreeBSD and Linux).

Some of these projects can be done at little or no cost. The appliances can be installed on an inexpensive desktop computer or purpose built "network appliance" boxes (available from various sources online). These are ideal for creating inexpensive but high quality dual stack network appliances using the firmware available from this website. Some of the projects can be deployed in virtual machines (the project here use VirtualBox, but you can probably accomplish the same thing with VMWare).

Some of the software required to complete the projects is available for sale on this website. Most of it is free and/or open source, and links are provided to download that software.

Some of the products are commercial grade network infrastructure components (SolidGate and SolidProxy) that are available in "Softpliance" form, for installation on a desktop PC or network appliance box, at very reasonable cost compared to commercial hardware products that have similar capabilities. These are still considered Do-It-Yourself projects because you will be installing the firmware on your own hardware from an ISO image downloaded from this site.

Commercial products and licenses sold on this site can be downloaded and paid for using your PayPal balance or various credit cards. For some products, 30 day evaluation licenses are available on request. You can "pay as you go" by buying one-year licenses (and renewing them if you want to keep using the product), or a perpetual license for a little more than 3X a one-year license.

The projects range from some that can be done in a few minutes at zero cost, to converting your entire network to dual stack with a commercial grade firewall. Many of the projects assume that you have completed earlier projects (or have the equivalent services already running). None of them require commercial IPv6 service from your ISP, although some allow you to make very good use of that if it is available. Some of them allow you to tunnel free IPv6 service from Hurricane Electric or other vendor, which allows you to deploy IPv6 even if your ISP isn't yet offering it.