Full Disk Encryption for Windows 7 using TrueCrypt

This project shows you how to protect an entire computer with encryption, not just a removable drive. If your computer is lost or stolen (all too common with notebook or laptop computers), often the information on it is more valuable than the computer. Thieves today will check a computer for financial information, contact information, login credentials, etc. A stolen computer may just be the start of a very serious identity theft problem, if it is not protected.

There are several commercial products that will encrypt your entire drive, but they are fairly expensive. The open source TrueCrypt program can do pretty much the same thing, and it is free. It is also open source, so in theory you can verify for yourself that there are no backdoors or other weaknesses in the design. With a commercial product there is no way for you to verify this.

Be aware, that as with all full disk encryption products, if you forget the pass phrase needed to unlock the encryption, your hard disk contents are permanently lost. There is no way to recover the contents (unless you happen to have the resources of the NSA).

Full Disk Encryption for Windows 7 with TrueCrypt (pdf)

TrueCrypt User's Guide (pdf)