Author’s Page

All of the content on this site (as well as that on was written and is maintained by Lawrence E. Hughes. I have been working with IPv6 since 2004 or so, and have had it running at home and office ever since.

I graduated from Florida State University in 1973, with a B.S. in Math and a minor in Physics. There was a large computing center at FSU, where I worked all four years (and for several years after graduation).

I built my first home computer (an Altair 8800) in 1975 and have been working with microcomputers and networking ever since.

I have been married to a lovely Filipina (Remy) for 25 years and have three children. The older two have graduated from college, with technical degrees, and I’m proud to say that both have passed the CNE6 certification exam. I am an IPv6 Forum Gold Certified trainer.

I am currently living in Singapore, and am founder and Chief Scientist for Sixscape Communications, where everything we make is fully IPv6 compliant.  Sixscape is my fifth venture. My third was CipherTrust, based in Atlanta, GA. I am now working on one of the first messaging apps to take advantage of IPv6 (no NAT, plenty of global addresses) to do end2end direct messaging (e.g. direct from my phone to yours, with no intermediate servers).