Companion Website and Ebook – The Third Internet

This site ( is for technical training on IPv6 for engineers. It is comparable in content and difficulty to Cisco CCNA, but is vendor independent and adheres closely to the IPv6 Forum CNE6 curriculum.

The companion website is more general information, advocacy, impact on society, and insights into what the Third Internet is going to be like, and how it differs from the Second Internet.

Note that both of these websites are available over both IPv4 and IPv6. It was not particularly difficult to do this. I found a hosting service (Vodien) in Singapore that provides dual stack hosting. I manage the DNS for both sites and entered both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for the two sites (as provided by Vodien) in my public DNS. No changes of any kind were required to WordPress or to the website configuration or content, to support IPv6.

There is also a companion E-book, “The Third Internet”. This book is available from in Ebook form currently (paperback soon).