Sixscape Communications Page

This page contains information on my company (Sixscape Communications) and some of our products. Our website is at

Sixscape is a Singapore based company. We specialize in cryptography, PKI, secure messaging, strong authentication and IPv6.

Our most exciting product is SixTalk (still in progress), which may be the first native IPv6/5G messaging application. Traditional messaging apps that will work on the IPv4 Internet (with NAT) must use intermediary servers (e.g. email, chat, file transfer, etc). With IPv6 there is no NAT to prevent incoming connections (it is a “flat” addres space) and there are an essentially unlimited number of global (public) IPv6 addresses, so every node (including phones) can now have a public address. That means my phone (or desktop) can connect directly to your phone (or desktop) with no intermediary server(s). This is far more secure than traditional client/server architecture with centralized servers.

SixTalk allows you to establish a secure connection (using PeerTLS, with a client cert at each end). Currently it only does chat. Soon it will also support file transfer, sending of  S/MIME messages, and later, voice.

We also provide fully automated management of S/MIME certs for MS Outlook, cryptographic authentication for client/server apps and for login to Windows or MacOS, etc.

We also have a very powerful DNSSEC server that fully supports IPv6 (it will even run in a pure IPv6-only network). DNSSEC signing and key rollover are fully automated.